Fratelli Rossetti presents: “Love each side of you”

An invitation heralding the transversality of the feminine-masculine wardrobe

Fratelli Rossetti dedicates its Spring Summer 2020 presentation to one of its most representative values: the transversality of womenswear and menswear collections. The concept is brought to life in the “Love Each Side of You”, in continuation with the winter season.
The brand's flagship theme since the 70s, when Fratelli Rossetti first began to play with the complementariness of wardrobes: men's footwear opened up to bold experimentations in the selection of colors, leathers and finishings, whereas women's footwear became increasingly practical, essential and mannish.
The entire collection speaks through its single block colors: the proposal for next summer is structured around the juxtaposition of tenuous tonalities, such as camel and pink, with more decisive colors like ruby and black.
A collection combining masculine and feminine code, could never do without the iconic Brera and Magenta.
The Fratelli Rossetti moccasin features in an original “Vienna straw” leather version. The fascinating Brera with piping detail is also present on the season's new entry, the “Brera” bag. The “Brera Bow” also makes its debut, inspired by the brand's signature tassels. The element also features on sandals, pumps and ballet flats, enriched by a bow for a more feminine touch.
The Magenta range continues its evolution, with a unisex version of Code 08. A small clip with golden ends, characterized by a central module which alludes to the symbol of infinity. An element inspired by the famous stirrup of the first iconic boot. The Magenta Bag features in the collection with new color variations.
Fratelli Rossetti has also worked on the codes of its lace-up footwear, enriched by tapered lines and feminine details like the maxi-tassel.
Fratelli Rossetti continues its research in the world of embroidery. This season's “Decor” group distinguishes itself in virtue of a rich embroidery on a canvass featuring different types of stitches and threads, generating a tasteful effect: high quality items which exalt the brand's craftsmanship.

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