Fratelli Rossetti is dotted with "small, big revolutions": tradition and quality go hand in hand with great curiosity and a desire for innovation. From the introduction of the tassel, to the invention of the shoe to be worn without socks, from stylistic innovations to the launch of the "mannish" style, up to the application of color in unrepeatable chromatic variations. It is Renzo Rossetti himself who teaches the importance of renewal in materials, styles and shapes: already in the 1960s, with a tanner friend, he experimented directly on the leather by combining different colors. Today the company continues this research and development activity thanks to the know-how of its master craftsmen and the creative flair of the style office.


Thanks to the highest quality manufacturing, Fratelli Rossetti shoes are made to last over time: like all precious objects, they must be treated with extreme care. Only through scrupulous care is it possible to maintain the softness, elasticity and shine of the shoe for a long time.

Here are some simple precautions:

When the shoe is not worn it must be cleaned and preserved with the help of the appropriate wooden tiles.

For perfect maintenance of the leather of the shoe it is advisable to apply - on the dry and possibly washed shoe - a light layer of wax-based cream, subsequently polished and brushed.

It is advisable not to wear the same shoes for several consecutive days and always wear them using the appropriate shoehorn. If your shoes have laces, it is advisable to untie them completely before taking them off.

If you plan not to use the shoes for a long period, it would be ideal to apply a thin layer of polish and place them in the appropriate canvas bag and, in turn, in the cardboard box.

Before each cleaning, the shoe must dry slowly (sweat/rain) away from heat sources, always using the appropriate wooden tiles.

To clean your footwear, a damp cloth is sufficient.