Shooting stars with Fratelli Rossetti

Handmade knots take center stage

Milano Fashion Woman, February 24, 2022 - The Fall-Winter collection looks to the sky: the star of Milan Fashion Week is a collection inspired by the Quadrantids, the shooting stars of winter. The Quadrantids, which can only be seen on one of the first nights of the year, speed by at an unprecedented speed and appear to bring new excitement and hope for the months ahead.
Fratelli Rossetti has sought to capture the essence of this unique phenomenon in a selection of products with knots and a genderless look. The ‘knots’ technique, which has been one of the brand’s characteristic elements for several seasons, involves meticulous craftsmanship: the small knots are individually hand-threaded on the upper, giving the shoes a bold, unique style.
This element is featured on various models, from the iconic Brera to the classic Oxford shoe, to the Derby and Biker with its large lug sole, as well as more feminine models such as the pump and the ankle-boot with its new spool heel. A notable new addition this season is the camperos boot, which has an even more striking and edgy look thanks to the knots that replace the classic decoration.
During Milan Fashion Week, on 24 February, Fratelli Rossetti, as a tribute to the Quadrantids and this collection, recreated a starry sky in the new boutique in Galleria, which opened its doors last December.
In the presentation, the shoes have a double guise, both in black leather with contrasting knots and in a bronze mirrored effect, taking inspiration from the two extremes that visually interact during the night of the Quadrantids: darkness and light.

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