First and foremost it is an artistic product, then a handcrafted one, because each Fratelli Rossetti shoe conceals a quest for perfection attained with a love of tradition and attention to detail. This is the basic concept behind the Men’s Collection for Spring Summer 2012, which does not place its bets on one single new model but instead on the new techniques used. In doing so it adopts an all-new approach to using the materials, whilst allowing Italian craftsmanship to continue to flourish.
Weaving takes centre stage in the collection. It features both in the Brera moccasin, the icon of Fratelli Rossetti production in the Sixties, and the handcrafted Oxford shoe, where for the first time the weaving it not applied but created straight out of the uppers.
Another major theme revolves around perforation details (positioned holes) that create their design straight onto the uppers. These are made from a single piece, without any cutting or stitching. Without a doubt, it is a technique which underscores the craftsmanship that goes into these models.
Last but not least is the softness: new forms appear for a decidedly destructured shoe, and for the first time the “Toledo” technique is used on soft, delicate materials such as nappa leather, creating an opaque result that heightens the colours, namely brick red, blue, and olive green.
The entire collection is based around the colours, which vary from myrtle to almond, from ruby to aviation blue, whilst the canvas versions find the more classic shades of blue, dark brown, grey and cord.

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