Fratelli Rossetti has chosen Genoa to host the next New Artisan event. The idea was launched in 2016, with a view to raising awareness about Italian and international businesses focused on handmade products. This event, which will be held on 13 June 2017 in the boutique at Via Roma 69/r, will place the spotlight on TwinsBros Surfboards: two brothers, Renato and Paolo Bertini, known as the “Twins” among local surfers because of their incredible resemblance to one another, set up their own business making surfboards in their granny’s garage and have now grown into a firm that is eyeing up the international market.

Genoa is just one of the dates on a rich and varied calendar. The dominant theme for 2017 is sport, paying tribute to the origins of Fratelli Rossetti. IRD’s fixed gear bikes were presented in Bologna in March, while in Milan the spotlights were on Mumble Mumble’s surface finishes in April. A key event was held in New York in May with handmade baseballs, basketballs and footballs from Leather Head Sports.

Forthcoming events? Verona, Naples and Turin. The latter city will feature Made to Measure skis, in an event devoted to winter.

The partnership between Fratelli Rossetti and Franciacorta has been confirmed once again, supporting and promoting the quality and excellence of Italian production. Every “New Artisan” event offers the chance to taste a different type of Franciacorta that matches the characteristics of the artisans involved and the host city. The wine for the event in Genoa will be Satèn, as refreshing, smooth and silky as surfing a wave.

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