Timeless as an icon

The Rossetti world told through icons

Milano Moda Donna, 22 February 2023 - Fashion Week is an opportunity for Fratelli Rossetti to celebrate its ‘little big revolutions’ in the fashion world by telling the story of iconic and surprising products which, over the course of 70 years, have marked the history of the Milanese brand, interweaving art, creativity and technology. Values also reflected in the location chosen for the event: Blindarte, a gallery with a minimal, museum-like design in the heart of Brera.
Icons and their innovations play a leading role in this context. Such as the Magenta world, which, for the Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, is continuing its ‘revolution’. The iconic metal stirrup, which evolved into a jewel accessory in 2019, has been technically redesigned in both thickness and size, embellishing the new ankle boot and the new tapered pump with its square toe and graphic-design heel.
The Brera loafer continues to break the mold, presenting itself, this time, in its new, younger version with embroidered tassels on the upper, confirming the iconic and versatile nature of the legendary fiocchetti first introduced by Renzo Rossetti in the 1960s. A decorative element so innovative for its time that it still represents the symbol of a true revolution.
An interesting new addition for next season is the ‘Hobo Soirè’, the ‘shiny’ version of the iconic slipper model, made with a rhinestone application that forms a floral pattern, creating a textural contrast with the crocodile-print velvet fabric. The gold lacquered heel makes these shoes even more sophisticated and cool.
Renzo Rossetti began this story 70 years ago, laying the foundations for a great future, while respecting the company’s signature values: outstanding products, the pursuit of top-quality materials, local artisan production, and the elegance that has always distinguished the brand. Today, with the same passion and determination, the company continues to believe in and deliver the products that have helped make ‘Fratelli Rossetti’ a renowned name.

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